Avi Rokah sensei awarded 8th DAN

Avi Rokah sensei has been awarded the 8th Dan by the governing body the World Budo Karate Association for his distinguished achivements and traditional karate development.The ceremony was held during the World Championship, which was attended by over 1200 children and many instructors from different parts of the world.

Behind this is more then just a scrap of beautifully designed paper. Behind this 8th DAN certificate we can find a long story of a very humble person. The Person, who inspired thousands of karate students and instructors over the world!

Avi Rokah sensei conduct many seminars and is example of karate instructor, who really cares to preserve and to develop legacy of grandmaster Hidetaka Nishiyama! Avi Rokah sensei always shows us the way of Budo karate. This way is not by writing the letters, but by every day practising in the dojo!

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