WBKA is a karate style organization, politically neutral. We connect national federations, dojos, instructors and karate students. The purpose of association is to provide a platform for the preservation and development of Budo Karate, based on the principles taught by Sensei Hidetaka Nishiyama. WBKA will provide you many benefits such as membership in the international organization, instructor’s training privilege, Budo karate seminar at your site conducted by our instructors, Dan grade ratification possibility for all styles and organizations, remote (online) teaching available, videos, international competitions.

We have 3 levels of membership.

We do not require unique BUDO KARATE membership. You can be member of ITKF, WTKF, FUDOKAN or other karate organization at the same time as BUDO karate member. We are open to everyone, who is interested in our Budo karate style.

Membership requirements Age 21+ Club has to have one BUDO KARATE registered instructor. At least 3 clubs, each club has to have one BUDO KARATE instructor.
Annual participation in the World Budo Karate Championships.
Only 1 federation in country.
WBKA website Not published Published Published. All club members are members automatically.
General assembly No voting rights No voting rights 1 vote
National federation president can be member of board of directors.
Max. instructor level Can be licensed BRONZE instructor
(can not exam)
Can be licensed SILVER instructor
(can exam)
Can be licensed MASTER instructor
(can exam)
Education program access YES YES YES
Member can participate or be part of Budo karate instructor camp Budo karate instructor camp
Member of committees
Budo karate instructor camp
Member of committees
Head or member of committees
Judges International judge C class International judge C,B,A class
Budo karate children’s championships participation YES YES
World Budo karate championships

Can compete under independent Budo karate flag (cadets-veterans)

No country patch at the kimono

Can compete under independent Budo karate flag (cadets-veterans)

No country patch at the kimono

Can compete under national flag (cadets-veterans)
Annual membership fee 100 USD 100 USD 100 USD

Register to WBKA

Application is very simple. It will take 10 minutes to fill all required fields. We will get back as soon as possible.

National federation – Application documents:

To apply to join WBKA as a National federation , an organisation is asked to send the following scanned documents by email to janus@worldbudokarate.org:

- A letter from the Federation President requesting membership of WBKA

- A copy of the organisation's Statutes, By-Laws and Regulations.


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