The 2019 Budo karate camp on April 25-26 in Poland was a huge success. Almost 60 instructors from different part of the world trained together, shared their experience under guidance of sensei Avi Rokah (USA). There was plenty of time for conversation about Budo karate, and our common purpose: to improve our technical skills, share experiences, and to help each other.

Budo karate welcomed honorary guests sensei Justo Gomez (Argentina), sensei Krzysztof Neugebauer (Poland), sensei Vladimir Puca (Ukraine). In the camp participated instructors from Czech republic, USA, Argentina, Poland, Israel, Germany, Great Britain, Austria, Ukraine, France, Romania, Uruguay.

The Budo karate is karate style based on principles taught by legendary grandmaster Hidetaka Nishiyama. The Budo karate follows sensei Nishiyama system of principles, but those principles are universal, and can be applied by any karate style practitioner, in fact they apply to many sports.

First part was focused on explanation what means correct posture and how to develop power through 6 body dynamics principles. We discussed how important is breathing and connection with our feets and floor.

Sensei Avi Rokah, long time student of grandmaster  Nishiyama taught various strategies in kumite, depend on what opponent we face. Read opponent intention “YOMU” to choose proper strategy we practised in many variations in second part.

It was a big positive energy!

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