January 16-18, Israel, Avi Rokah
February 14-17, Ukraine, Avi Rokah
February 28 – March 1, National seminar, Germany, Vilshofen, Avi Rokah
March 17-19, Pan-American Budo karate camp, USA, Los Angeles –  (March 16 arrival, March 17-19 Pan-American Budo camp, March 20 departure)
April 4-5, Duisburg Germany. seminar Giedrius Dranevicius  download details here
April 18-19, National seminar, Czech republic, Avi Rokah
May 9-10, National seminar, Poland, Avi Rokah
May 21-22, European Budo karate Camp, Lindow (Mark), Germany
May 23-24, National seminar, Neuenhagen, Germany, Avi Rokah
June 27-28, National seminar, Kolkata, India,  Giedrius Dranevicius+Radek Janus

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