Dear instructors,
Budo karate is going to open second serie of online courses for traditional karate instructors. This course consists of 10 online ZOOM classes. In case you miss some online session, don’t worry. You will be able to download all training later and exercise. (we will send you instructions, how to download)

Price for second course (consists 10 classes) is 80 USD.


Every class starts at 10:30 AM, LOS ANGELES time.

JUNE 4, 2020 – External force
JUNE 11, 2020 – Inside muscle action
JUNE 18, 2020 – Types of kime
JUNE 25, 2020 – Continuation
JULY 2, 2020 – Maai
JULY 9, 2020 – Zanshin
JULY 16, 2020 – Oji Waza
JULY 23, 2020 – Shikake Waza #1 Keeping the rhythm, breaking the rhythm
JULY 30, 2020 – Shikake Waza #2 Sasoi Waza, Tsumi Ai, Give bait
AUGUST 6, 2020 – Shikake Waza #3 combinations


Price for course is 80 USD (10 sessions included).  After registration and payment  you will get by email online link to join the class. For all classes use same link. Join class 5-10 minutes before we start. For online classes we use ZOOM CLIENT software. Please download in advance ZOOM Client for Meetings here.


When you click the button with selected  class, you will be redirected to REGISTRATION FORM, fill out all fields. Click the button “PAY and REGISTER”.


2.  You clicked the button “PAY and REGISTER”, and you will be redirected to PAY WITH PAYPAL form. Fill into first field your email and click the “NEXT” button.


3.  You clicked the “NEXT” button. You will be redirected to PAYMENT form. Fill out you credit card details. For payment Paypal ask to set your paypal account. Fill out few requested fields and click blue button to pay. In case of successful you will get in few minutes an email with the ZOOM link to connect.

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