On behalf of the World Budo Karate Association we are proud and honoured to invite all WBKA members to take part in the 1st WORLD BUDO KARATE CHILDREN’S CHAMPIONSHIPS 2018, that will be held on November 24th– November 25th2018 in VILNIUS and PANEVEZYS, LITHUANIA.

The championship will take place at Cido arena. Cido Arena is the largest multifunctional arena in Panevėžys, Lithuania. It generally hosts cycling track events, as well as basketball games, concerts and now our karate event.


Online registration is opened. Deadline for registration November 10, 2018. In case of any problems with registration, email us at janus@worldbudokarate.org .

Kihon Ippon kumite for kids

Jiyu ippon kumite for kids

KIHON IPPON KUMITE пояснение на русском языке.

Kihon Ippon kumite explanation in english.

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